Car Insurance

What Does Your Car Insurance Cover?

Chola MS Car Insurance Policy protects your vehicle against:

  • Third Party Personal Liability with unlimited coverage. The amount awarded by the court as your liability to a Third Party due to accidental death or injuries caused by your vehicle will be compensated for under the vehicle insurance policy.
  • Third Party Property Damage with a maximum cover of INR 7,50,000, (Rupees Seven Lakhs Fifty Thousand Only) in case of private cars.
  • Own Damage Cover protects against the loss due to:
    • Fire, lightning, self-ignition or explosion
    • Burglary, theft or housebreaking
    • Strike or riot
    • Earthquake (shock, damage and fire)
    • Flood, inundation, storm, tempest, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone and hailstorm
    • Accidental external means
    • Malicious acts
    • Terrorist activity
    • During transit by rail, road, inland waterway, air or lift
    • Landslide and rockslide
    • Personal Accident Cover with compensation for owner cum driver.
    • LL to Paid Driver.
    • PA cover for named and unnamed passengers, including spouse, children, parents, etc.
    • Legal liability towards employees arising out of an accident involving the insured vehicle
Other Covers available are
  • Discounts include No Claim Bonus, Automobile Association Membership Discount, Discount for Anti-Theft Devices approved by Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI) that are fitted in the vehicle
  • Add-on Covers for Private Vehicles include a wide range of additional covers that you can choose from for enhanced protection of your vehicle.
  • Fixed Daily Allowance of INR 500 or INR 1,000 per day to meet the cost of hiring a car (for a maximum of five days per policy period) if the insured vehicle is involved in an accident and under repair at a garage.
  • Reinstatement Value to ensure maximum claim benefit - Full Car Investment Security with compensation based on the vehicle invoice value* and zero depreciation charges on repaired parts
    (*Excluding vehicle registration charges and road tax)
  • Waiver of Reduction in Depreciation for Partial Losses, such as replaced vehicle parts, depending on the age of the vehicle
  • Cover for personal belongings and clothing destroyed or damaged in a fire or an accident (the items must have been inside the locked car during the mishap). The maximum reimbursement during a policy period is INR 10,000 
  • Reimbursement of expenses towards obtaining a duplicate ignition key up to a maximum of INR 1,000, following the loss of the original ignition key
  • Compensation for obtaining duplicate license (fixed sum of INR 500) in the event that the original driving license for a light motor vehicle is lost
  • Cover for road tax and registration charges
  • Chola Assistance for roadside emergencies — support is available 24x7 for spot assistance, including fuel delivery and battery top-up, as well as car breakdown assistance including fixing a flat tyre or on-site repair. CARE 24x7 can be reached at 1800-103-5354 /1800-209-5354 (Exclusive toll free numbers for CARE Services only).

India Motor tariff UIN IRDAN123P0025V01200203

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