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Car Insurance

Car Insurance Value Added Services

The Insured can call the Emergency Helpline of the Facilitator in case of accident, or electrical or mechanical breakdown of the Insured Vehicle.

Insured to furnish the following details to the facilitator at the time of immobilization of Vehicle:
  • Name
  • Motor Insurance Policy Number and/or cover note
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Vehicle Make and Model
  • Breakdown Location
  • Policy Start Date and End Date
  • An indication as to the nature of the problem and service requested

Facilitator will despatch the Services after checking Supplier Network at the place of breakdown.

Facilitator will send service professional to the Insured’s location to render necessary services.

Facilitator will check with the Insured regarding arrival of the service and if the service has not arrived, will check with the supplier for an alternate arrangement.

Services will be provided on 24x7 basis on all the days in a year.

The services are available Pan-India, excluding North Eastern States, Jammu and Kashmir and Islands

Customer is covered from the moment customer starts or tries to start the vehicle.

Facilitator: India Roadside Assistance Private Limited, Toll Free: 1800 1800 1035354 / 1800 2095354

There are 25 Services available for a Private Car. Some of these are briefed below:
  • On-site Minor Repair: Repairs that takes less than 45 minutes at the breakdown place Example: Changing the oil and oil filter, setting plug. The service provider will visit the breakdown place and repair the Vehicle
  • Battery Jump Start: Service Provider jumpstarts the vehicle if battery is discharged
  • Flat tyre Replacement: Changing of burst or punctured tyres with spare tyre
  • Locked or Lost Keys: Tow the vehicle to the nearest safest place if keys are lost
  • Replacement Keys: Arrange for forwarding duplicate keys from residence if the original is lost
  • Fuel Delivery: Delivery upto five (5) litres of petrol or diesel if the vehicle runs out of fuel. Cost of the fuel to be borne by the insured
  • Emptying of Fuel Tank: Service Provider will bear the cost of emptying fuel tank for wrong fuelling
  • Transfer of the covered vehicle: Service Provider arranges for towing of immovable vehicles due to breakdown or accident to nearest garage. Service Provider bears towing cost upto Rs 1500/- per event
  • Transfer Cost Reimbursement: Customer can arrange for towing if Service Provider is not able to assist through its own network. Customer can contact Facilitator and obtain authorization prior to availing this. Facilitator will reimburse upto Rs.3000 /- per event. Two (2) events in a policy period are covered

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Chola Value Added Services - Private Car Package Policy- UIN - IRDAN123A0006V01201718

* Conditions apply.

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